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November 01 2012


Hpe 170

Hpe170 - In today's society   there are   a vast amount   of individuals   who are living with a chronic or infectious disease. Chronic disease is one the most common and preventable of health problems here in the United States. Although, chronic diseases are more common in older adults, however with poor training and   guidance including improper diet the age is no longer a factor in who can be affected. Over the years studies have shown that   chronic diseases has and will continue to affect people of all ages, nationality, sex,   etc.if they do not change their lifestyle regarding diet and nutrition. Some infectious disease is caused by bacteria or viruses in an individual body. These types of disease can be passed from person to person. This paper will discuss the characteristic of chronic illness, the relationship between healthy nutritional program and cardiovascular disease, effects of chronic and infectious disease on the immune system, how exercise affects the immune system, and lastly, it will focus on the importance of awareness and education as it relates to health environment and chronic illnesses.

Hpe 170

Hrm546 - Characteristic of Chronic Illness

Chronic disease can be caused by   an array of factors such as heredity, lifestyle factor, and emotional and psychological factors (CNS, 2011).
Hrm 546 - Chronic illness does not match the common pattern of how illness unfolds. Chronic illnesses are illnesses of long duration and are usually slow progressing meaning it can last for long periods and slowly progress worse many times leading to severe damage to the body and eventually death in most cases. Sometimes the long term effects of chronic illness can be difficult to anticipate. Heart disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, emphysema, and diabetes are all examples of chronic illnesses.

Hpe 170
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